A Global Catalyst To Engage, Educate & Inspire Change

M/V Lana Rose

Mission Resolve along with The Celebration of the Sea Foundation have announced an initiative to introduce the 216-foot Ocean Vessel “LANA ROSE” to serve as a global catalyst to engage, educate and inspire the public in best practices for civic engagement and the deployment of applied science and humanitarian aid. The vessel will provide support for the deployment of actionable solutions to pressing global environmental challenges along with disaster preparedness training and humanitarian relief. Mission Resolve’s programs will also include extensive preparedness training for NGOs and community leaders. The initiatives will be enhanced 24/7 through a state-of-the-art multi-lingual live social media hub which will provide ongoing critical content and live streaming to the international public through a premier group of production personnel.

The LANA ROSE will support collaborative initiatives among the world’s preeminent thought leaders and organizations that are focused on implementing actionable solutions in five key subject areas; 1.) Promoting international citizen diplomacy and leadership; 2.) Promoting STREAM (Science, Technology, Resiliency, Engineering, Arts & Math) education and respective career paths with an emphasis placed on highlighting and encouraging minorities and females in these respective fields; 3.) Resiliency initiatives with a primary focus on artificial reefs, coral reef restoration, coastal water management, coastal erosion and urban planning; 4.) Disaster preparedness, relief and emergency management; and 5.) Marine plastics recovery, repurposing and remediation.


A press conference for the unveiling and launch for the first year’s mission of the LANA ROSE is being planned at the United Nations during “Earth Week” on September 27th, 2019 in New York City.Opening remarks will be provided by Mission Resolve along with Resolve Marine Group executives and mission sponsors. Representatives will explain the first phase of the mission’s initiatives and the respective organizations the LANA ROSE will support along with the live streaming and content production designed to engage, educate and inspire the public in these critical aspects of environmental protection and resiliency.      

    “I am grateful to be organizing and coordinating this most needed endeavor and to partner with other like-minded people along with the many other extraordinary organizations we are assembling now as part of our mission’s consortium. Resolve’s leadership in globally mitigating major vessel disasters including environmental clean-up operations provides a tremendous asset to this initiative. Their extensive expertise along with the wide range of best practices being provided through our mission’s global thought leaders and consortium partners provides extraordinary capabilities to address the increasingly threatening environmental challenges we now face globally,” said Celebration of the Sea Founder and CEO, Patxi Pastor. He stressed that “Public engagement and education about disaster preparedness is absolutely critical now. As weather such as hurricanes, cyclones and tsunamis continue to devastate coastal communities around the world, we clearly see the need to help shift what has been a traditionally re-active mentality to that of a pro-active one. Equally important is the need to have the public understand the critical role the vitality of our marine ecosystem plays as many people don’t realize our reefs and beaches are our first line of defense when it comes to coastal resiliency.”

    “Serving as one of the largest multi-national global marine salvage companies and continuing to mitigate major environmental clean ups internationally for over thirty-six years, we have gained a unique perspective along with a growing concern about the pressing environmental and humanitarian needs which are rapidly increasing around the world.”, said Joe Farrell, founder and CEO of Resolve Marine Group. “We fully acknowledge that we all share a corporate as well as a personal responsibility to do everything we can to collaborate in finding and implementing actionable solutions to the growing major environmental and humanitarian challenges we face together as an international community”.

    For more information about how you can support and be part of this historic project please contact Amada Martin at Resolve Marine Group at (954) 764-8700 or amartin@resolvemarine.com.