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Eco-Discovery Zone at Riptide 2017

  • David Lawrence Jr. K-8 Center School
  • Alec Bogdanoff & Dr. Keren Bolter
  • Dan Lindblade, Fort Lauderdale Chamber
  • Delaney Reynolds, Sink or Swim
  • Dr. Derek Burkholder & Lexie Peterson, Turtles
  • Keys Strong Elmira Leto & Delaney Reynolds
  • International Game & Fish Association
  • Tommy DiGiorgio & Rob Wyre Shipwreck Park
  • Victor Nappe & Lilly Tougas Virtual Reality Exploration
  • Ari Glassman, Friday Night Sound Waves & The BID
  • Ina Lee, Broward County Epicenter of Solutions
  • Sybil Cherian Tobacco Free Florida

Road to Riptide Announcement Party on the Rooftop of the Bahia Marr

  • Bahia Mar's Jimmy Tate & Informa's Rick McConnell
  • Bahia Mar's Jimmy Tate & Alec Bogdanoff
  • Wild Over Wildlife's Derek & Landon Petrisko
  • Fort Lauderdale Beach Clean Up's Barry Levy & Paola Espetia
  • Kenny Chesney SCALES Gear & Entercom

FAU Lessons From Hurricane Irma Summit 2017

  • Chaos Made Studios & Florida Atlantic University CUEU's Program
  • Lessons From Hurricane Irma (Part 1)
  • Lessons From Hurricane Irma Sheltering (Part 2)
  • Lessons From Hurricane Irma Policy Actions & Research Needs (Part 3)

Eco-Discovery Zone at the Coconut Grove Seafood Festival 2017

  • Keys Strong Live
  • Wyland Youth Ambassadors and Groupers
  • Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder
  • Wild Over Wildlife
  • Shark Whisperer Sara Brene
  • Coral Restoration Foundation
  • Love Sami's John Coburn & Dori Brenes
  • Innovative Group & Entrepreneurs' Organization
  • NOAA's National Marine Sanctuary Gena Parson's & Nicole Ubel
  • SCALES Gear's Founder Matt Williams Supports Keys Strong
  • Keys Strong & Diving Icon Captain Spencer Slate
  • Wyland Foundation Groupers
  • Coral Restoration Foundation - (2nd Interview)
  • Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder (2nd Interview)
  • Shark Whisperer (2nd Interview)
  • NOAA's National Marine Sanctuary & Keys Strong (2nd Interview)
  • Wild Over Wildlife (2nd Interview)
  • Diversity In Aquatics' Thaddeus Gamory
  • Keys Strong & SWARM, Inc
  • Keys Strong (2nd Interview)

Eco-Discovery Zone at the Coconut Grove Seafood Festival 2016

  • Coke Rain Barrel Celebration of the Sea Foundation Program
  • Interview with the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce
  • Wyland Celebration of the Sea Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Patxi Pastor and Wyland
  • Wyland & Annette Roberson
  • Patxi Pastor & Annette Roberson
  • Patxi Pastor

Video Archive

  • High School Aquanaut Program
  • CBS Underwater Press Conference
  • Digitizing Marine Animal Vocalizations
  • E! Sea World Discovery Cove Special
  • Lake Champlain Shipwrecks Special
  • The Underwater World of Patxi Pastor
  • Tongue of the Ocean Shark Dive
  • Earth Day Dolphin PSA (1990)